Thursday, December 17, 2009

oh how i hate you rednecks....

A message to all the bogan rednecks out there. You are so nasty, intolerant, racist and intellectually impaired. You think you are a superior human because of the color of your skin? or the fact that your only slightly cultural thing is the Friday night hoe-down? Well...most of the people that you look down upon are smarter, healthier, happier people than yourself. And maybe if you give them the time of of day, you would be able to see that....but wait, then you would just scratch your stubbly chin (or lack there of) and think (to the extent that you can) "that Sam ain't so bad, he's not like all them other Asians". What? Can you hear yourself? Obviously not or you wouldn't say stupid crap like that. Oh but I'm sorry....I have implied you are not intelligent? But I have forgotten all your really smart, important conversations about the immigrants and all those other 'political' arguments you have. You know....the ones where you start off knowing half the facts and making the other half up? Only to be proven wrong 3 minutes later, because lets face it...your argument was shit anyway. Well to all you bogan rednecks......go to hell.

*End rant*

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