Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Over the next couple of months I’m hoping to venture into tie dyeing (if I manage to find the time). Tie dyed stuff is just so awesome, anything you tie dye (in my opinion, anyway) ends up at least 97 to 98% more appealing. And it’s not just the tye dyeing, it’s painting with fabric dyes as well. You can get some pretty cool results designing your own paterns.

The thing that started it all was my son’s new singlet. It’s the funkiest piece of clothing I have gotten for him yet. His Nanna and Grandpa got this singlet for him at the Bellingen markets when they went there last weekend (which reminds me…I’ll have to make my own way down there sooner or later).

Gorgeous isn’t it? (Oh and Cy!) But when I do tye dye (whether it be t-shirts, baby clothes or tablecloths) I will post the results along with a step by step instruction guide on tie dyeing.

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