Thursday, January 28, 2010

a little something special...

You know when you get photos printed out on the machines in Big W/Harvey Norman/Camera shop etc, and they give you those little sheets of tiny photos like a little photo inventory? I love those little things! Every time I get any photos printed I make sure I get that inventory sheet. My husband says each and every time..."Why do you need that? It's nothing, you've already got the photos. It's just their way of scamming an extra couple of cents off you." Well I just smile and sigh. I know what I want it for....I have been hoarding those tiny photos and using them to make a collage on the inside lid of Cy's baby box. And with more and more photos being printed off, the box will slowly get covered in hundreds of tiny little photos of Cy. It will be something interesting for him to look at when he's older along with all the other keepsakes.

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