Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been reading up on the stories from the life of Buddha. And I came across this peice of the story and it made me smile. I think it shows great compassion, kindness & gratitude.

"The sixth week after enlightenment, the Buddha walked to another tree. A big storm came, with big dark clouds, wind and rain. Mucalinda, who is a great royal Naga, a celestial being in the form of a huge snake, came from his celestial world and wrapped his body around the Buddha. Mucalinda coiled his body around the Buddha’s body seven times, and spread the great hoods with his five heads over the Buddha to protect him, thinking, “Let the Buddha not feel any cold, heat, insects, wind, sun or creeping things on his body.” After he protected Buddha from the storm, the sun came out, and Mucalinda unwrapped his coils from the Buddha and changed his form into a brahmin boy, standing in reverence before the Buddha. Thankful for his protection in the storm, Buddha taught him some Dharma, saying “Being alone is happiness for a person who is contented, who has learned and understood the Dharma. Friendliness to everyone in the world is happiness for a person who does not harm any living beings. Detachment from the world is happiness for a person who does not have desires. But to stop thinking about ‘I’ is the greatest happiness of all.”

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