Friday, February 19, 2010


Some important events have happened in history on this day....

19 Feb. 1878 - The phonograph is patented by Thomas Edison.

19 Feb. 1884 - The Enigma tornado outbreak occurs across America.

19 Feb. 1942 - Nearly 250 Japanese warplanes attack Darwin.

19 Feb. 1985 - William J. Schroeder is the first artificial heart transplant patient to leave hospital.

19 Feb. 1986 - The soviet Union launches it's Mir spacecraft, remaining in orbit for 15 years.

19 Feb. 2002 - NASA's Mars Odyssey space probe begins to map the surface of mars using its thermal emmision imaging system.

19 Feb. 2003 - Two teenagers in a rural town in Australia meet, and something amazing begins.


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  1. aw! happy anniversary! hope you guys had/have a lovely day!