Wednesday, March 17, 2010

damn infomercials...

Just as I was writing my very last post, something amazing appeared on my TV screen. And just like the Miche Bag, I MUST have it. Although this one I actually will buy. It is actually a very practical object to own. It's called the Slap Chop.

It's pretty much like the Magic Bullet only not electrical and not as pricey. Just by putting the Slap Chop over the top of your vegetables/fruit etc and pushing down the handle on the top, you can easily slice and dice into whatever size you want. AND it comes with a GRATY. Similar to the Slap Chop but you put your cheese/carrot etc into the GRATY and twist the top and it easily grates it. You can buy them on eBay for $20. So this is one TV infomercial product that I will indeed buy.

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