Thursday, March 04, 2010

damn you australia post...

So I've been buying some stuff on eBay and so far (apart from one seller who had a bit of a mix up with my payment) the results have been fantastic. Unfortunately I can't say the same for Australia Post. I was expecting a package this week and I was home every day looking after Cy and cleaning until yesterday when I had to go to Tamworth for the day. I was worried that the package would come when I wasn't home and they would just leave it there, after all it could be taken!
My husband reassured me that if it came they would knock on the door and if no-one answered they would leave a note to say to pick it up at the post office. Since they had done this before, I thought that was probably the case. So we set off early in the morning and had a lovely day (except for when the car broke down again). We came home at about 6pm and it was drizzling so I unloaded the groceries while Ben got Cy.
I was walking up the steps when I spotted something on the ground about a meter away from the door. My parcel. Sitting out in the rain. And of course I had no idea when it had arrived but when I opened it, I got a hint. The stuff inside was damp. All in all I am not impressed.

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