Wednesday, March 10, 2010

we need to talk...

So....House, I think it's time we had a talk. This isn't easy for me but... it's time to say goodbye. I will miss you old house. All the times we have had together..... Like when we first moved in years ago, we spent our first night in a bare loungeroom eating Mediterranean take-out. And when we brought our first puppy home to your huge backyard. Or what about the time the massive hail hit, you sheltered me with your walls, and windows that were so strong they didn't even break. Or when I stood in your kitchen and realized I was in labour. And I even bought my very first baby home to you. You've endured all the laughter, tears, arguments and love. You've watched us grow from a young reckless couple to a young happy family. Now you get to see it all again. Just with someone else.
There will always be a soft spot for you in our hearts house, and we'll never forget you.


  1. okay so that just made me cry. and i'm at work... awkward.

  2. I bet you will. It's a pity you couldn't have afforded to buy it yourself.