Sunday, June 20, 2010

another awesome author...

I'm a big book reader. It seems like I've always got one (or two or three) books lined up on my shelf or sitting on the arm of the couch. And I'm always very happy when I find a great author. And recently I have done exactly that. And her name is Jennifer Weiner.

I was walking around Big W randomly looking at books to read while I am waiting for my specially ordered copy of Sex & The City (the original book) to arrive at my local bookshop. I noticed a few books with familiar titles, and looked over to see 'Good in Bed', 'Certain Girls' and 'In Her Shoes' all by Jennifer. And then I remembered a book I read years ago that my sister-in-law had sent me. It was called 'Little Earthquakes' and I LOVED it. So on the spot I decided to buy a few more. And now I'm into my 4th book and every single one has been great. The plot twists aren't so outrageous as to be ridiculous and impossible, but they definitely are not boring. And the characters aren't all perfect girls, they have depth, not just a great sex life and troublesome family. I think every girl should read one of her books...Just maybe not all of them in a row.