About Me

 I am a stay at home mum from rural New South Wales, Australia. I am a Buddhist. I believe in peace, love and happiness and that everyone should have plenty of each. 
I am married to Ben, the very same man I fell in love with as a teenager. We've had some crazy times and some quiet times & made almost 8 years of memories together.

And two years ago we made our best one...the birth of our first son Cyrus. Since then I have learned countless lessons , had incredible amounts of fun, felt love so strong I thought my heart couldn't take it, and also had my patience pushed to within an inch of it's life. Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is the most rewarding.

A number of animals live with & around us. We have two dogs Cleo & Pixxi, two cats Mynx & Sharni, a gecko called Gex, a cockatiel called Albi and numerous goldfish (their names I will not write because that would be a very long list). And at some stage in the future we will be looking into adding some ducks, chickens & alpacas to our menagerie.

 That is of course after we finish building our house! It's a long and tiring & sometimes difficult process but the end product will be amazing. And after all of this, when I can find the time I love to be creative. Whether knitting, sewing, painting or drawing...I'm very happy when I can indulge my crafty side.

So if you feel like checking in occasionally to listen to my rambles or rants, feel free...It isn't the busiest blog, but you may find something interesting. So take a look around.